How does it work?

Simply connect your Asana project to a Sprintboard and share your one-page project status report.
Check out an example Sprintboard and resize the screen to view the responsive design.


Sign In

The team at Asana created "Asana Connect" which is a secure way to connect your Asana account with any partner website or app (like Sprintboards) using the trusted authentication method, OAuth.

If you don't have Asana, please go get yourself a free Asana account.



Linking your Asana Projects to Sprintboards is simple! Once connected through Asana, you'll simply create a new Sprintboard and select the project you'd like to share with colleagues.

Try using Sprintboards as your Project Status Report Template today!


Setup & Share

Once linked, you'll setup your Sprintboard with key information that any Project Status Report would contain. See the "60 Second Challenge" video below for a quick demo.

You can now share your status with Clients, Executives, and Team members!

60 Second Challenge


In less than 60 seconds, can we connect an Asana project to Sprintboards and set up the Sprintboard?

Can we do it?

Watch the video to find out!

Spoiler Alert: Um... Yes... of course we can do it! Using Sprintboards as your Project Status Report template is smartest and fastest way to communicate status to those who care about your project.

Additional Features

Win more work, get a promotion, and to look like the pro that you are!

Public or Private

Share your Sprintboard publically by clicking the "Publish" link. A randomly generated Sprintboard URL will be created which may be "Unpublished" at any point to keep private.


All Published Sprintboards will only be updated with the latest information when you "Update" your Published Sprintboard.

Portfolio Page

Your main portfolio page is a list of all your Sprintboards with the high-level details allowing you to see the general health of all of your projects.

Easy Sharing

Sharing status is simple with Sprintboards. By clicking the "Publish" link, a snapshot of the Sprintboard is generated allowing you to send a randomly generated URL to your team.

Simple Setup

We made it simple to connect your projects to a Sprintboard and to maintain them within Asana.

On the Go

Most people, including project stakeholders, now look at email on their phone. Sprintboards was designed with the phone in mind and looks perfect on all devices.

Sprintboards solved our own need for a simple project status report tool. Now we can stay within the project management tools we use everyday and share status updates through a url. It's simple, clean, and your clients will love it! "

author Tori Marrama & Mike Flynn
Sprintboards Founders